Youth to Adult Permit Information

Youth Permit | Youth to Adult Permit Information
Currently abiding by the BCSA request for PDF forms
September 2023

Need to call-up a registered Youth Player to my Adult Team, what do I need to do?

At this time, our youth-to-adult permits are completed by filling out a BCSA approved form. We are currently working on implementing an online version – once approved by BCSA.

Completed forms must be submitted no later than 24 hrs prior to kick-off – keep in mind that the LIWSA, LISA and UISA have office hours. Any permits received on Friday run the risk of not being processed for any Friday, Saturday or Sunday scheduled game.

Permits must be received no later than Thursday 3:00 pm.

Link to BCSA Youth-to-Adult Permit:

Form completion requirements:

    • Player signature & date (top of form)
    • Parent signature & date (Liability Waiver)
    • Releasing Coach signature & date
    • Accepting Coach signature & date
    • Adult game schedule details (day, month, year & time)
Then must be emailed to: 

    • Corresponding Youth Association contact (LISA, UISA)
The ‘Youth Association’ will forward to LIWSA once reviewed and signed

The LIWSA Admin, once received from ‘Youth Association’, will review, sign, and return final copy to requesting team official.

We ask that everyone observe patience and understanding in the current process, and refrain from emailing, texting, or calling the LIWSA Admin only a few hours after submitting permit(s).