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BCSA Adult Provincials Brackets

2023 BC Soccer Adult Provincials

BC Soccer held the Adult Provincial Draw on March 11th, earlier than in the past years.  The LIWSA has several teams moving forward to provincials in all categories, however some seedings/allocations are yet to be determined based on the results of some of the Cup Finals scheduled for Sunday March 26th.  

The LIWSA will be represented at the Masters A Cup by Castaways United and at the Masters B Cup by Cowichan Cougars and Vic West FC.  

Visit the following page for the Women's Provincial Draw Results:

Best of luck to all teams going through! 

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Zero Tolerance Policy, Conduct, Social Media


To:  All LIWSA Teams
From:  LIWSA President, Discipline Chair, Manager of Operations

Re: Reminder of Zero Tolerance Policy – Membership Conduct – Social Media

It has come to the attention of the LIWSA (the league) through various channels, the questionable conduct and improper use of social media toward our member(s) by other member(s) within our association. 

BC Soccer’s Social Media Policy and guidelines outline the use of social media as a tool to promote the game, organizations and associations in a positive manner.  If a person or organization makes any statement verbally or in writing (social media, emails, texts) that could be unsporting, insulting or improper behaviour, or likely bring into the game into disrepute, the league and/or BC Soccer will have the power to inquire into the conduct of any person or organization to determine if any disciplinary action will be taken.    

We would like to remind all our members that we currently have a Zero Tolerance Policy, clearly stating: “LIWSA promotes good sporting behaviour throughout the organization and encourages qualities of mutual respect, courtesy and tolerance in all participants.”

Please share widely with your players.  

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Call for Rule Amendment Proposals

Emailed to all Coaches, Managers, and Club Officials
March 7, 2023

To:  LIWSA Members
From:  LIWSA Rules/Regs Review Committee

Re:  2023 LIWSA Rule Amendment Process/Proposals - Please Read

Dear LIWSA Members, 

This email is an update on the formation and work done by the LIWSA Rules and Regulations Review Committee (the Committee) thus far and to prompt you for any rule amendments that you feel need to be addressed. As a reminder from the January 15th meeting, a call was put out to form a committee to review LIWSA rules and regulations and start reforming them.  A Committee has been formed with the following members, and who have already begun the work, having met several times in the past several weeks.  
  • Marta – LIWSA President (Chair)
  • Cheryl – LIWSA Secretary
  • Leah – LIWSA Discipline
  • Natalie – Senior Club representation
  • Brad – Youth / Senior Club representation
The work of the Committee will be done in two parts: 
  1. Administrative Review: Organize/format the existing rules
  2. Review of Rules:  Once restructured, the Committee will look at current rules and make modifications as required (by Members and the Board)
    (this part may be limited given the timelines to get a revised document completed for AGM).  
At this time, the Committee is not looking to introduce or review any significant rule change unless the Membership and/or the Board has specific items presented for review.  There will be some minor modifications of the existing LIWSA Rules to align with current needs and expectations for managing the League.

If there are members wanting the Committee to consider a Rule Change (amendment), please complete the following online form:  

The current deadline for submissions is Wednesday March 22nd at 11:59 pm.  The form will not accept further submissions after this date.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out by emailing:

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Feb 24-26 Weekend

Please Read: February 24-26 Weekend Cup Games

Sent out to all Coaches, Managers, Club Reps listed on LIWSA rosters (February 24 @ 4:15 pm)

Hello Coaches and Managers – 

We tried our best to send out this communication at the earliest possible moment. In light of the overwhelming abundance of emails, phone calls and text messages, please be patient as the league works through prioritizing a response for each one that has been received. This email communication shall assist with understanding the role the league and teams are responsible for in determining status of games for this particular weekend February 24-26.  

The status of games in relation to the current weather conditions and field closures will be updated in a timely manner, as the information is received by the league administrator ( 

What do we do if our home field is closed due weather?

1. Notify your opponents and LIWSA league administrator ( of the current field status – so that the game official scheduled can be notified.  

2. Work together with your opponents. Maybe they have a field available on this same weekend?  If they do and both teams agree, then email the details to LIWSA league administrator. 
Remember to include both teams, divisional liaison and LIWSA league administrator in the email. 


We have concerns of playing in current weather conditions, however our fields are not closed.  What are the options?  

1. If there is an alternative field available on another day this weekend and teams mutually agree, then email the details to the LIWSA league administrator (

a.Teams are responsible for covering the cost of the game official(s) being cancelled from the original game schedule. This is deemed as a last minute game reschedule.   

Remember to include both teams, divisional liaison and LIWSA league administrator in the email.

2. If the teams decide to mutually agree to reschedule to another day not this weekend, it must be prior to the Quarterfinals/Semifinals weekend of their respective cup competition. Email the details to the LIWSA league administrator (

a. Teams are responsible for covering the cost of the game official(s) being cancelled from the original game schedule. This is deemed as a last minute game reschedule.   

Remember to include both teams, divisional liaison and LIWSA league administrator in the email.

Furthermore, information regarding LIWSA Cup Competition – schedules, rules/regs and so on, are listed on our website on the following page:  

Under the menu:  Teams>Cup Competitions

Additionally, the information listed in this email will also be posted shortly on the ‘Announcements’ section of the league website.  We encourage teams to visit the website before reaching out to the league.  

LIWSA Executive

Posted 2/16/2023 Ref # 184

Rules & Regulations Review Committee

LIWSA Rules & Regulations/Bylaws Review Committee

A review of the current LIWSA Rules & Regulations and Bylaws will take place between November and April this season.  The purpose of this review will include but not be limited to: tidying/clarifying language, layout of information for easier reading, and amendments based on feedback/requests from membership and the continuous evolving environment in the soccer community on the island. April 2nd is the completion date for this project, in preparation for the June 2023 AGM.  

Thank you to those who expressed interest.  The committee has now been selected, and begun their work on this project. 

If you have any questions, please email: