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Provincial Health Authority Announcement

Provincial Health Authority Announcement
November 19, 2020

Dear Full/Associate Members and Affiliated Clubs,

The BC Health Authority and specifically Dr. Henry, announced added health Orders on November 19, 2020. We have been in contact with ViaSport, the body that provides direction to the sport sector in BC and is the link between the BC Health Authority and the BC Sport Sector. ViaSport has confirmed they are currently working to provide clarity regarding the recent announcement.

BC Soccer’s current understanding of the new Orders, which apply to all members and sanctioned soccer activity, are the following:
  • It is effective until December 7, 2020 at midnight.

  • It applies to all regions of the Province.

  • Indoor soccer can only occur under BC Soccer’s Phase 1 Guidelines.
    > No spectators are permitted.

  • Outdoor soccer (based on the Order):
    > Can occur under the current BC Soccer Phase 2 Guidelines (where soccer has been since the cohort model was introduced) with the following added restrictions:
    * No spectators are permitted.
    * Player/team travel (and refereeing assignments) must be limited.*
*Importantly: Dr. Henry used language referencing “community” and “region”. We are seeking clarification from ViaSport on the definition of community and/or region so we can apply it appropriately for sanctioned soccer. ViaSport advised us today at 4:50 pm that they are awaiting clarification on this from the Health Authority.

CLICK HERE for additional information from the BC Government on “Athletic Activities”.

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BC Soccer - Update

BC Soccer Update - November 10, 2020


November 10, 2020

Attention: BC Soccer Full/Associate Members and Affiliated Soccer Clubs

From: BC Soccer

Re: Further clarification on the Provincial Health Authority Announcement from November 7, 2020

Dear Full/Associate Members and Affiliated Clubs,
This memo is in follow up to BC Soccer’s November 7, 2020 memo regarding the BC Health Authority and specifically Dr. Henry’s announcement made on the same date.
We have now received further clarification from ViaSport, the body providing direction to the sport sector in BC and the link between the BC Health Authority and the BC Sport Sector. The clarification is also supported by the information on the BC Government website, linked here.

Based on the clarification, BC Soccer is advising that the announcement/Order means the following for sanctioned soccer activity in the Lower Mainland.
  • It is effective for two-weeks, ending November 23, 2020 at noon.
  • It applies solely to the Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health Regions.
  • Indoor soccer can only occur under BC Soccer’s Phase 1 Guidelines. No spectators allowed.
  • Outdoor soccer can occur under the current BC Soccer Phase 2 Guidelines (where soccer has been since the cohort model was introduced). However, based on the Order, team* travel (and refereeing assignments) must be limited to stay within the Fraser Health Region and to stay within the Vancouver Coastal Health Region. For clarity, this means team travel (and referee assignments) to, from, and between the Fraser Health Region and the Vancouver Coastal Health Region can not occur.

*Team location is based on the location of the team’s club (or parent organization).

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ViaSport - Update

Return to Sport Update
October 23, 2020

As the sport community continues to progress through a safe return to activities, viaSport is committed to providing important updates and resources to navigate these times. As always, head over to our Return to Sport page for our Guidelines, FAQs, sport-specific plans and more. This week we would like to provide clarification on spectators at sport events. 

There has been confusion circulating in the sport community about provincial restrictions on spectators. A decision like this is outside of our jurisdiction, but a report containing incorrect information unfortunately reached several communities this week.

During the return to sport process, viaSport’s role is to focus on the safe return of participants to sport activities in B.C. This continues to be our number-one priority. The current Public Health Order: Gathering and Events allows for spectators in facilities. Although the Order allows for up to 50 patrons (spectators) at events, spectators may still be limited because of the challenges in accommodating them in facilities. viaSport supports each municipality’s decision on spectator access as they navigate these challenges. For updates on facility access for spectators, it is recommend to contact your municipality, BC Recreation and Parks Association or Recreation Facilities Association of BC. 

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Season Start Oct 23-25, 2020

Season Start October 23-25 Weekend

Important information for the start of a cohort season

Coaches and Managers, please familiarize yourselves with the information listed below prior to your scheduled game. 
A more detailed and helpful pdf resource guide is also available on under the menu: 

Cohort Information
  • Teams entered their cohorts as of October 9th. 

  • Teams/clubs must ensure that all their registered players have not participated in any other soccer activity during a 14 day period in order to be eligible to participate in your team practice/scheduled game.
Game Schedules
  • Home teams are responsible for ensuring their home game schedules are up to date

  • All communication re: game schedules emailed to:
Team Rosters/Game Sheets
  • All players & staff must be registered and have uploaded a photo on the LIWSA site ( to be eligible to participate. 

  • Game sheets: 2 paper copies: 1 for referee and 1 opposition; 1 digital copy emailed to for each game. 

  • Each team should not have more than 23 players/staff combined for each scheduled game.  Keeping within Viasport guidelines – max 50 rule:
    [23 players/staff per team (x2 teams) + 3 game officials + 1 league official = 50]
ID Cards
  • Instructions on how to download ID cards to mobile devices can be found here: LINK – under the ‘Resources’ menu > League Documents > How-to & Reference Documents

  • A printed copy on 8x11 paper is acceptable. 
Contact Tracing
  • It is understood that clubs have implemented their own tracing protocols.

  • However, the LIWSA Executive kindly ask that a one-time submission form (LINK) be completed and emailed ( prior to their first scheduled game to ensure an accurate list is on record in order to follow up with Outbreak protocols.

  • We ask of this extra step as it is not clear within club return to play plans what the necessary steps will be taken in communicating with league or opposition.
No throw-ins
  • LIWSA will be adopting the kick-in rule as the VISL uses it.

  • Opponents are to be a minimum of 5 metres away

  • Ball must be passed on the ground.

  • Once the ball is moving, the other team is allowed to enter the 5m distance.
  • The LIWSA Executive advises that teams should follow the Return to Play – Spectator guidelines set out by each club; as they are the field permit holders for their respective home games. For adult games we discourage having spectators due to COVID guidelines.

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Player Registration Update

Re:  Revision to player registration entering LIWSA cohorts

As of Friday October 9th, teams have been specifically placed in cohorts as per BCSA Phase 2 Guidelines.  Teams/Players must not mix or change cohorts without first taking a 14 day break. No exceptions.

Teams registering players October 9th and onwards must ensure that the players have not trained, tried out, or played in another soccer cohort or league for a period of 14 days.  In the case that a player has trained, tried out, or played within another soccer cohort activity, they must complete a 14 day waiting period before participating in team training or game. Teams that are found to have included players in their training/scheduled games who have not completed a 14 day break between cohorts, leagues or other soccer activity outside their cohort team, will be required to undergo a 14 day break prior to returning to their assigned LIWSA cohorts.  

Are you a coach or manager still having difficulties completing player registration on the LIWSA registration website? Please contact LIWSA Registrar ( as soon as possible. 
  • COACHES must be registered via LIWSA website
    Contact info and photo must be included

  • MANAGERS must be registered via LIWSA website 
    (if a manager is also a player, they must registered twice: one as manager, and one as player)
    Contact info and photo must be included

  • PLAYERS must be registered via LIWSA website
    Contact info and photo must be included
    Recommended: players create their own accounts to register into LIWSA system using the keycode provided by LIWSA Registrar via their Coach/Manager.
Let's all do our part and work together during this unusual times, do not mix cohorts so that we keep soccer going.  Stay safe.

Kind regards, 
LIWSA Executive