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Rotary Club of Victoria

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Female Coaching Framework

Posted on March 31st, 2021 by BC Soccer
BC Soccer is excited to announce its new Female Coaching Framework which is a key objective of the 2024 strategic plan. The framework is designed to support female coaches with the aim to increase the number of female coaches at all levels and improve their ongoing development.

Of the Framework, Gayle Statton, BC Soccer President stated, "I am excited about the rollout of this program confirming our investment to develop, support and advance women in coaching.  This program is the start of BC Soccer's commitment to create opportunities for women to develop their leadership skills."
The framework has three components:
1.    Female Coach Mentorship Program
2.    Female Development Lead Position
3.    Female only participant led Community Coach Courses

Components will be implemented in accordance with the BC Health Authority restrictions.

The Female Mentorship Program was developed in collaboration with the Diversity & Inclusion committee as well as a female working group. 

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LIWSA - Letter from President 03/31

To all LIWSA members, 

Unfortunately, I get to deliver the news on behalf of the LIWSA board, that after many attempts we now have to call it a season as of March 31st, 2021. The PHO has not lifted any outside restrictions and will review again April 19th. No time for us to move forward.  We did manage however to get in almost one whole cohort in November while following all the rules put in place by the PHO and BC Soccer.  We did well as an association showing an ability to work together, support each other and understanding the seriousness of this pandemic. 

The LIWSA Board and I would like to say thanks to everyone for coming together and demonstrating such group strength. The power of unity is infinite and if kept positive it will clear a defined path for the future. Not just for us but also for all those that will follow us. Our season is at an end but our work is not, as now we begin to prepare hopefully for the fall. 

Lets make sure we continue our fight against this pandemic follow all the guidelines put forth and continue to support others. Then if all gets accomplished and we can return to a normal year/season in the fall lets make it the best year possible. 

Please take care, stay safe and keep fit! Any questions, comments, ideas or concerns you can always reach me, I will be available always. See most of you in September. 

Cornelis (Casey) Tepper 
President LIWSA 

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BCSA Update

BC Soccer & Provincial Health Authority Update
February 26, 2021

Re: Return to Play Update – Current Restrictions Extended by BC Health Authority

Dear Full/Associate Members and Affiliated Clubs,
As you may have heard yesterday, the BC Health Authority and specifically Dr. Henry, indicated that the current provincial restrictions are to remain in effect. In their statement, they said that they are closely monitoring the situation and are looking ahead as to when it will be it safe to increase interactions in a limited way, which could include opportunities for sport/soccer.

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ViaSport Update

February 5, 2021

Today the Province of B.C. announced that the current public health restrictions are being kept in place. While there haven't been updates to the restrictions for sport, this means that the following key items remain in place:
  • Individuals are permitted to travel to their home club for the purpose of sport, while following all restrictions in the current public health Order.
  • The clarifications from January 7 on "group sport" remain applicable to adult sport.
  • The high performance exemption remains in effect for athletes identified by CSI-Pacific and their Provincial or National Sport organization.
  • The specifications around children and youth sport remain unchanged. Games and tournaments are temporarily suspended for teams.
  • The Intercollegiate varsity sport exemption allows for athletes to train or practice only with the post-secondary institution with which they are enrolled.
For more details on the information above, head to our website or FAQ page.

We know how difficult this news can be, but we are encouraged by the efforts and commitment displayed by the sport community to stay safe and protect each other.