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Player Transfer Deadline

Player Transfer Request Deadline

A reminder that Friday, January 15th is the player transfer deadline.  

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Coaches & Managers Meeting

Coaches & Managers Meeting
 Tentatively Rescheduled to: 
Monday February 8, 2021 @
Via Zoom

To Coaches & Managers - 
Due to the provincial health authority update extending current restrictions of gatherings and events  - to February 5th - the meeting originally set for January 11 is tentatively reschedule. 

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BCSA & Provincial Health Authority Update

BCSA & Provincial Health Authority Update
December 3, 2020
Indoor and outdoor Adult soccer activities as of December 3 have been suspended until further notice.  This includes training and games. See memo below:

Attention: BC Soccer Full/Associate Members and Affiliated Soccer Clubs
From: BC Soccer

Re: Provincial Health Authority Announce Added Restrictions on December 2, 2020

Dear Full/Associate Members and Affiliated Clubs,
Yesterday, December 2, the BC Health Authority and specifically Dr. Henry announced added restrictions that impact soccer in BC. These fall under the Provincial Health Authority Order so we must comply.

The information on the BC Government website stating the restrictions was updated today. There are still some grey areas, however, based on the updated and new information BC Soccer is advising all members and affiliated clubs of the following that applies to sanctioned soccer activity in BC:
  • The Order expiry is not stated.
  • The Order applies to all regions of the Province.
  • Indoor and outdoor soccer for adults (19 years and older) is suspended.
  • Indoor and outdoor soccer for youth (under 19 years of age) can occur under BC Soccer’s Phase 1 Guidelines (the previous phase where players participated in-club “distance training” with no game-play) with the following restrictions in place:
      • Physical distance is now classified as 3 metres.
      • No spectators.
      • Players may travel to their home club/team. Team travel must be limited to stay within each city/municipality.
▪ Where there is a city and municipality or two or more municipalities in the same area, we consider them combined as one (i.e. Township of Langley and City of Langley are considered one). For clarity, this means team travel to, from, and between cities/municipalities can not occur. Team location is based on the team's parent club/organization location.
      • The only player exemption is noted on the BC Government website.
We will continue to liaise with ViaSport, the link between the BC Health Authority and the BC Sport Sector, to gain any additional information and clarity on the Orders. Once received, we will communicate to members/clubs as quickly as responsible. Thank you all for your understanding and the hard work you are all doing to support soccer through these everchanging times.

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Cohort Update Info

LIWSA Cohort Information Update
November 30, 2020

Questions have been circulating over the weekend on what is happening once teams have played their 6 cohort games.  So here goes.....

November 27-29 weekend saw majority of teams complete their first set of scheduled cohort games. There are several cohorts with games that have been postponed and/or rescheduled either because of the travel restrictions or another COVID related concern and will not be complete until next week or two.

The Promotion/Relegation Committee is currently working on reshuffling the cohorts, please be on alert for upcoming communication from the committee.  At this time all teams, regardless if they are currently participating or not, should have received an email marked 'Action Required' to confirm their continuation or opt-in for January 2021.  

Key Dates:
    • January 1, 2021 | Teams must enter a 14 day break - no training or soccer activities with other teams outside their designated cohort.

    • January 15-17, 2021 | First weekend of scheduled games. 

Here are the online form links - only one coach or manager to submit a response (not players). 

1. If your team has participated in the Fall Cohorts - and will continue in the second round of cohorts starting in January 2021 - please confirm via this online form: Click Here

2. If your team has NOT participated in the Fall Cohorts - and would now like to opt-in during the second round of cohorts in January 2021 - please confirm via this online form: Click Here 

If you have any questions please contact Jules Nagy directly at:

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Provincial Health Authority Announcement

Provincial Health Authority Announcement
November 19, 2020

Dear Full/Associate Members and Affiliated Clubs,

The BC Health Authority and specifically Dr. Henry, announced added health Orders on November 19, 2020. We have been in contact with ViaSport, the body that provides direction to the sport sector in BC and is the link between the BC Health Authority and the BC Sport Sector. ViaSport has confirmed they are currently working to provide clarity regarding the recent announcement.

BC Soccer’s current understanding of the new Orders, which apply to all members and sanctioned soccer activity, are the following:
  • It is effective until December 7, 2020 at midnight.

  • It applies to all regions of the Province.

  • Indoor soccer can only occur under BC Soccer’s Phase 1 Guidelines.
    > No spectators are permitted.

  • Outdoor soccer (based on the Order):
    > Can occur under the current BC Soccer Phase 2 Guidelines (where soccer has been since the cohort model was introduced) with the following added restrictions:
    * No spectators are permitted.
    * Player/team travel (and refereeing assignments) must be limited.*
*Importantly: Dr. Henry used language referencing “community” and “region”. We are seeking clarification from ViaSport on the definition of community and/or region so we can apply it appropriately for sanctioned soccer. ViaSport advised us today at 4:50 pm that they are awaiting clarification on this from the Health Authority.

CLICK HERE for additional information from the BC Government on “Athletic Activities”.