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Player Registration Update

Re:  Revision to player registration entering LIWSA cohorts

As of Friday October 9th, teams have been specifically placed in cohorts as per BCSA Phase 2 Guidelines.  Teams/Players must not mix or change cohorts without first taking a 14 day break. No exceptions.

Teams registering players October 9th and onwards must ensure that the players have not trained, tried out, or played in another soccer cohort or league for a period of 14 days.  In the case that a player has trained, tried out, or played within another soccer cohort activity, they must complete a 14 day waiting period before participating in team training or game. Teams that are found to have included players in their training/scheduled games who have not completed a 14 day break between cohorts, leagues or other soccer activity outside their cohort team, will be required to undergo a 14 day break prior to returning to their assigned LIWSA cohorts.  

Are you a coach or manager still having difficulties completing player registration on the LIWSA registration website? Please contact LIWSA Registrar ( as soon as possible. 
  • COACHES must be registered via LIWSA website
    Contact info and photo must be included

  • MANAGERS must be registered via LIWSA website 
    (if a manager is also a player, they must registered twice: one as manager, and one as player)
    Contact info and photo must be included

  • PLAYERS must be registered via LIWSA website
    Contact info and photo must be included
    Recommended: players create their own accounts to register into LIWSA system using the keycode provided by LIWSA Registrar via their Coach/Manager.
Let's all do our part and work together during this unusual times, do not mix cohorts so that we keep soccer going.  Stay safe.

Kind regards, 
LIWSA Executive

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LIWSA Cohort & Schedule

LIWSA Fall Season Cohort & Schedule
October 5, 2020

SCHEDULE UPDATE: October 7th - posted schedules under construction due to unpredicted system set up issues.

Hello LIWSA members, 
After listening to all members and concerns the LIWSA Cohort committee went back and restructured the cohorts one more time. The Committee spent many hours debating the best possible way to get as many teams out playing before Christmas. All members need to realize we are an association and all need to work together for everyone of us not just a few. We have had approx. 40 percent of our members opt out for the first cohort. Now is the time we all pull together and make this work. The pandemic has and is one of the scariest and toughest thing we have ever faced in our lives. More reason for us all to unite as one collective group and make this happen. We know some are concerned with travel but please consider all our members deserve the opportunity to play lets make this happen. Other leagues are experiencing similar hurdles also. This has us all communicating and helping each other more than ever before. Now if we all can do the same and create a huge positive out of all of this can you imagine what this can do for the future of this beautiful game on and off the field. Support one another everyone and watch what happens. Make it about all of us! 

Let’s get to some house keeping. Now that the cohorts are out (see below) we will schedule and they hopefully will be completed in the next day or two as all teams participating need to enter their respective cohorts no later than the 9th of October. That said this means all players and coaching staff/managers will need to be registered with ID cards no later than October 8th. All teams will be sent a contact tracing form that will need to be filled out and sent back to the LIWSA after every game as we are required to document each and every game. This will be explained in more detail at the SGM on the 13th. I have been in contact with BCSA on the use of youth in the cohorts. We are in the process of building a form to permit youth. Please be aware if youth are permitted they can only practice with the team they are permitted to no one else and the form will have to be completed before entering the cohort as the permitted player will become part of the cohort and when leaving they will need to go through the 14 day wait before entering another cohort. Many more questions as we near the start. Do not hesitate to ask and at the SGM please bring the questions you need. As it is all questions asked need to go to and I will direct them to the appropriate person to respond. 
Kind regards, 
Cornelis (Casey) Tepper
President LIWSA

Teams please note:  Due to organizing cohorts for this season, there may be some confusion as to which team is who - having similar or same team names but different divisions - please make note which cohort (ie. A, B, C etc) your team pertains to.

(P,1,2,3) = Division
(AB) = initials of coach to assist distinguishing between teams from same club in same division




(P) Nanaimo Utd #1 (DF)
(1) SFFC United
(1) Castaways FC

(P) Nanaimo Utd #2 (JT)
(1) Gorge United
(2) Cowichan

(P) Campbell River
(1) Lakehill
(1) PACE Wolfpack
(2) Nanaimo Utd




(2) Gorge United
(3) NIFA
(3) JDF United (AH)
(3) PLSC (AN)

(3) Lakehill FC
(3) Bays Utd (JL)
(3) PLSC
(3) Gorge Masters

(3) Vic West FC
(3) JDF FC
(3) Bays Utd (RC)
(3) SFFC



COHORT - I (035)

(3) JDF (AS)
(3) Gorge FC
(3) Sooke

Castaways FC
Peninsula Heat

Gorge FC
Bays Breakers
Vic West Scottish

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LIWSA Special General Meeting

Special General Meeting
(Coaches & Managers)

Please find details for the upcoming meeting, which once again will be a a SGM and Coaches/Managers meeting combined.  

Special General Meeting Notice
Tuesday October 13, 2020
7:00 pm
via Zoom - details to follow

A friendly reminder that any questions regarding meeting agenda, must be forwarded directly to the LIWSA Secretary - no exceptions.  

Thank you, 
LIWSA Executive

Posted 9/21/2020 Ref # 74

Local Sport Relief Fund

Local Sport Relief Fund: now open for applications

viaSport and the Province of B.C. are pleased to announce that the Local Sport Relief Fund is now open and accepting applications from eligible organizations until October 16, 2020. 

The B.C. sport community is making a comeback from COVID-19, but not without its challenges. For many non-profit sport organizations, lost revenues have threatened their ability to offer activities and programming in their communities. This funding is designed to provide short-term relief in order to help organizations remain viable and support return to sport efforts across B.C.

Non-profit, local and community sport organizations are invited to apply now for up to $7,500 in funding through this one-time grant.

View the grant guidelines and find out how to apply here. For questions regarding the grant application process or to discuss your application, please email

Please take a moment to share this message with non-profit organizations you think may benefit from receiving funding support from this grant.

From all of us at viaSport, we hope you are all keeping safe and healthy.  

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LIWSA Return to Play Posted

LIWSA Return to Play

Return to Play document now uploaded.  One of many resource documents to reference. Please visit the webpage via the link below, to begin to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and recommendations put in place for the safety of all.  

(Menu:  Resources>League Documents>How to & Reference Documents)