LIWSA Executive Board - Job Descriptions


Liaise Between LIWSA and BCSA ,CSA ( this includes trips to Vancouver for AGM and all adult forums and SGMs )
Work with Victoria United ( BCSA, VISL, LISA and Pacific FC)
Oversee all the daily operations and supply support where needed.
Have all LIWSA committees report to the president for final approval.
Work with the competitions committee.
Provincials belong to the President from start to finish.
Fill vacant executive positions where needed.
All permits to be checked and approved by the president
Do schedules for season and Cup Games  
Plus during the season issues arise that the president needs to address and deal with
Chair all LIWSA meetings!


Act in the absence of the President and shall have other powers as assigned by the Board. 
Support to the exec
Support the president, advise on decisions
Chair committees if needed
Any additional work handed down by the president

Treasurer (Vacant)

Ensure that full and accurate records are kept of the accounts of the League
Report to the Board at least once per quarter
Submit an Annual Financial Report to annual meetings of the members.


Keep a record of all minutes of the organization
Keep on file all committee reports
Run elections and notify officers and committee members of their election or appointment
Furnish committees with those documents required to perform their duties
Sign all certified copies of acts of the organization, unless otherwise specified in the League’s published rules
Maintain record books in which the constitution, published rules and minutes are entered and to have the current record books available at each meeting
Send out to the membership a notice of each meeting of the members
Send out to the Board notice of each meeting
Conduct the general correspondence of the organization that is not the proper function of another office or committee
Prepare, prior to each meeting in consultation with the presiding officer, an order of business
In the absence of the president and vice-president to preside until the immediate election or appointment of a new presiding officer. 

Communications Chair

Update content on website
Update content on social media platforms (FB, Instagram, Twitter)
Create online survey forms
Organize and distribute monthly newsletter (new)
Victoria United Footballer of the Week nominations – collate and post

Discipline Chair & Rules & Regulations (Vacant)

Hold and chair Discipline hearings for players receiving red cards during the season.
Contact players and team representatives to notify of hearings. Provide documents needed for hearings.
Ensure Rules and Regulations are kept up to date.

Competitions Chair (Vacant)

Organizing All-Star event - typically held in January
Organizing player nominations, getting player info and ensuring players are available
Selection of coaches for All-Star teams
Organize and host All Star player draft night with selected coaches
Lead communication with players and coaches
Submit shirt orders and giveaway soccer balls
Set-up & take-down on day of All Star event; managing check-in table for players, handing out shirts
Presenting awards:  Game MVPs and winning Coach

* All Star Event: Approximate volunteer hours per week (on average) 1-2 hours from October to January; some weeks could be less; full day on day of event: 7 hrs 

Organizing LIWSA Cup competitions - typically held in March
Organizing Cup declarations
Organizing Cup draw & schedule
Organizing the Cup finals: securing field location, dates, times
Set-up & take-down on day of Cup Finals - typical two days (2-3 games each day)
Managing check-in table for players & presenting awards:  Cup Champs & MVPs

* Cup Competition Event(s): Approximate volunteer hours per week (on average) 1-2 hours from October to mid-November; some weeks could be less; in March full day on days of event: 7 hrs each day (2 days)

Please note:  We hope to recruit not only a Competitions Chair, but some members to assist this role with organizing tasks, this would lessen the workload on one person. Ideally 1-2 additional committee members for each event would go a long way.  

Risk Management

Contact and advise members on obtaining Criminal Record checks
Track completion of Criminal Record Checks for all members required

Division Liaison (Premier, Div. 1, Div. 2, Div. 3, O30s) 

Point of contact for members in that division with questions/concerns
Contacts members with information regarding important dates, meeting notifications, other info sent out by executive

 *Premier Liaison (Vacant)

Associated Clubs in LIWSA


Soccer Clubs and Associations that participate in the Lower Island Women's Soccer Association are:

Bays UnitedJuan de Fuca SoccerProspect Lake Soccer
Campbell RiverLadysmithSaanich Fusion
Castaways FCLakehill SoccerSalt Spring United
Cowichan SoccerNanaimo UnitedSooke Soccer
Fernwood FootballPACE SoccerVic West FC
Gorge SoccerPeninsula SoccerVictoria Athletics