The League

Vision & Mission

The LIWSA's mission is to promote, organize, and represent Women's soccer of all levels on Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island.



Operations Manager
Casey Tepper |
Day to day operational duties:
  • Primary contact for membership and public - on day to day matters.
  • Direct any correspondence received to the appropriate director.
  • Work closely with Registrar during Registration period
  • Work closely with Communications Chair - to update website/social media
  • Work closely with Risk Management Officer - to ensure CRCs are up-to-date
  • Organize materials & scheduling for Discipline hearings and matters
  • Attend BCSA and/or special events and meetings - representing & reporting back to BOD
  • League Game Scheduler - working closely with Divisional Liaisons

  • Manage & process all player permits (Youth & Interclub)
  • Treasurer duties such as:
    • Process expense payments & referee payroll
    • Process discipline fines
    • Process registration fees (Team & Player)
    • Provide monthly revenue/expense statements to bookeeper
    • Point of contact regarding fees & payments between LIWSA & Clubs
    • Maintain Bank account and Post Office box.
  • BC Soccer Provincials - point of contact
  • Photograph selected games, working closely with Kelly Wallace - including but not limited to editing & posting.

Stacie Madelung |
  • Manage inquiries - Team Registration
  • Manage inquiries - Player Registration
  • Manage inquiries/set up - Team Officials Registration
  • Works closely with Operations Manager during Registration period

LIWSA Executive Board & Contact Info

Marta A. Esteve
Term 2024-2026

  • Liaise between LIWSA, BCSA, CSA (incl travel to Vancouver for AGM, SGM, adult forums)
  • Work with Victoria United (BCSA, VISL, LISA & PFC)
  • Oversee all the daily operations and supply support where needed.
  • Have all LIWSA committees report to the president for final approval
  • Provincials belong to the President from start to finish.
  • Fill vacant executive positions where needed.
  • Chair all LIWSA meetings.

Becky Fowler |
Term 2023-2025

  • Act in the absence of the President and shall have other powers as assigned by the Board. 
  • Support to the exec
  • Support the president, advise on decisions
  • Chair committees if needed
  • Any additional work handed down by the president

Cheryl Van Ireland |
Term 2023-2025

  • Keep a record of all meeting minutes
  • Keep on file all committee reports
  • Run elections and notify officers and committee members of their election or appointment
  • Furnish committees with those documents required to perform their duties
  • Sign all certified copies of acts of the organization, unless otherwise specified in the League’s published rules
  • Maintain record books in which the constitution, published rules and minutes are entered and to have the current record books available at each meeting
  • Send out to the membership a notice of each meeting of the members
  • Send out to the Board notice of each meeting
  • Conduct the general correspondence of the organization that is not the proper function of another office or committee
  • Prepare, prior to each meeting in consultation with the presiding officer, an order of business
  • In the absence of the president and vice-president to preside until the immediate election or appointment of a new presiding officer.

Communications Chair
VACANT |          
  • Update content on website
  • Update content on social media platforms (FB, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Online Surveys
  • Organize and distribute monthly newsletter (new)
  • Victoria United Footballer of the Week nominations - collate and post

Discipline Chair
Leah Crisp |
Term 2023-2025

  • Hold and chair Discipline hearings for players receiving red cards during the season.
  • Contact players and team representatives to notify of hearings. Provide documents needed for hearings.
  • Ensure Rules and Regulations are kept up to date.

Competitions Chair
Vasuhi Collins |
Term 2023-2025

  • Organizing All-Star event - typically held in January
  • Organizing player nominations, getting player info & availability
  • Selection of coaches for All-Star teams
  • Organize & Host All Star player draft night.
  • Lead communication with players/coaches
  • Submit shirt orders/giveaway soccer balls
  • Set-up, sign-in & take-down on day of All Star event
  • Presenting awards:  Game MVPs and winning Coach
* All Star Event: Approximate volunteer hours per week (on average) 1-2 hours from October to January; some weeks could be less; full day on day of event: 7 hrs 
  • Organizing LIWSA Cup competitions - typically held in March
  • Organizing Cup declarations
  • Organizing Cup draw & schedule
  • Organizing the Cup finals: securing field location, dates, times
  • Set-up & take-down on day of Cup Finals - typical two days (2-3 games each day)
  • Managing check-in table for players & presenting awards:  Cup Champs & MVPs

* Cup Competition Event(s): Approximate volunteer hours per week (on average) 1-2 hours from October to mid-November; some weeks could be less; in March full day on days of event: 7 hrs each day (2 days)

Risk Management
Heather Todd |
Term 2024-2026

  • Contact and advise members on obtaining Criminal Record checks
  • Track completion of Criminal Record Checks for all members required

Division Liaisons
  • LIWSA point of contact for teams & members in that division
  • Respond to inquiries within designated division
  • At times distribute communications; ie. important dates, meetings, etc.

  • Gareth Crisp | Premier/Selects/D1
  • Adriano Sumberac |
  • Samantha Eburne |
  • Julia Falzon |
  • Sharon Scott |

Associated Clubs in LIWSA


Soccer Clubs and Associations that participate in the Lower Island Women's Soccer Association are:

Bays UnitedJuan de Fuca SoccerProspect Lake Soccer
Castaways FCLadysmithSaanich Fusion
Courtney/ComoxLakehill SoccerSalt Spring United
Cowichan SoccerNanaimo UnitedSooke Soccer
Fernwood FootballPACE SoccerVic West FC
Gorge SoccerPeninsula SoccerVictoria Athletics