Terry Price Cup

Participants:  Premier Division

LIWSA will be represented at the Provincial Cup competition by the Premier Division winner (top seed); followed by the Terry Price Cup winner (second seed); then by the Premier Division second place team (third seed). If any subsequent positions are granted, they will be determined by divisional final standings.

Doug Day Cup

Participants:   Division 1 and/or 2

LIWSA will be represented at the Provincial B Cup competition by the Division One League winner, followed by the Doug Day Cup winner, then by the next two Doug Day Cup second and third place teams. If any subsequent Provincial B Cup positions are granted they will be determined by Doug Day Cup final standings.

Stephanie Shergold Cup

Participants:  Division 2, 3, O30A

Division 2 and Over 30A teams who choose not to compete for the Doug Day Cup will compete for the Stephanie Shergold Memorial Cup. This is an LIWSA recreational cup; the winner will not go on to represent the LIWSA at a provincial cup competition.