Rotary Club of Victoria

African Hearts - Turf Build - Uganda  
These children are now housed and schooled where their basic needs are being addressed. We want to help AFRICAN HEARTS move beyond simply meeting their needs to providing them with a safe place for sports. Team sports offer a great opportunity to socialize, to form friendships and to foster lasting values. To date, a multi-functioning sports facility has been created and is nearing the completion of Phase Four of a Five Phase plan. Your donation will enable the facility to improve the field surface and to ensure security by the construction of a fence to fully protect the participants and the property. Rental of the field will also generate income for maintenance and for the charity.
Allan Lingwood, a member of the Rotary Club of Victoria, has been in monthly communication for the last 15 years with Abdul Lutaaya (Executive Director) who spearheads the project in Uganda and will personally ensure that your donation is applied directly to the AFRICAN HEARTS Sports Facility.

To donate:
  • on our website:, select the Contribute/Donate on the right side of the menu bar, then the Uganda Project link. You will receive an email confirmation.
  • by cheque to RCV Treasurer (R.Finan) Union Club 805 Gordon Street, Victoria, BC Canada V8W 1Z6
  • by cash to any member of Victoria Rotary Club.
(Please note that we are not able to issue Canadian tax receipts)

The children in the care of AFRICAN HEARTS thank you, as do we, the members of
the Victoria Rotary Club