Request Reschedule

Information - Game Reschedules

Moving forward for the 2024-2025 season, game reschedules must follow these steps, no exceptions: 

Game rescheduling fee:  $20 per game request

Liaisons have been directed to enforce the use of the following form (fillable pdf) and its instructions, to facilitate and clarify the expectations of the league on game reschedules/postponements, that include submitting rescheduling details in a timely manner and minimizing any confusion due to the high volume and long emails received. 


Requesting team complete the BLUE SECTION of the form. Submit to Liaison.  

Liaison will review form, confirm that meets eligibility; will complete the GREEN SECTION that indicates when rescheduled gamed must be completed by. Return to both teams via email. 

In the case that a rescheduled date is included (YELLOW SECTION) when form is received by Liaison, it will then be forwarded by Liaison to League Scheduler.

Teams must agree upon a rescheduled date;  requesting team must complete the YELLOW SECTION with the details, and return to Liaison.  If the reschedule details meet the requirements, the Liaison will pass along the completed form to League Scheduler so that information may be updated online.   

**It is important that teams do not include the League scheduler (Casey) in ongoing email discussions on the topic of game reschedules – Casey must only be included once the YELLOW SECTION has been completed.  

No requests for rescheduling will be considered or granted within 96 hours (4 days) of the original schedule game time, date and location - unless field is closed due to weather or if extenuating circumstances apply as determined by LIWSA. [LIWSA 13.5 (k, ii)] 

Games postponed due to extenuating circumstances or weather must be rescheduled and played within 21 days of the original scheduled date. Games not rescheduled and played within the 21 days will be rescheduled by the Division Liaison to a time and location of the LIWSA's choosing, with any field booking expense payable by the home team. [LIWSA 13.5 (l)] 

If both teams cannot agree on a new time, date and location then the game will go on as originally scheduled. A team is under no obligation to accommodate a change request from the opposing team. If for any reason, the scheduled game is not played the LIWSA has the discretion to deem the game as a forfeit by the team causing the game to not be played. The team causing the forfeit will be also be fined and the opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 win. However if a team shows up at the field with fewer than the mandatory number of players they will receive the 3-0 loss but will not be fined. [LIWSA 13.5 (m)]

If you have any questions, please contact your liaison.  

Weather/Travel Guideline


Inclement Weather Related Field Closures & Travel Guideline

To be used as a guideline for travelling between communities during inclement weather.

TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES Weather Related Field Conditions

Home Teams are responsible for:

  • checking field conditions & closures in advance ensuring guidelines as outlined by the entity managing the field(s) are followed
  • communicating with opposing team and the League ( as soon as possible of any changes

Game Officials are responsible for:

  • checking field conditions in-person at the field
  • deciding if a field is playable
  • cancelling game if a field is not playable
*The International Football Association Board (IFAB) Laws of the Game - Rule: 5.7 (LINK)

 TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES  Weather Related Travel

Away Teams travelling between communities are responsible for checking road conditions and planning accordingly for safe travel. Recommended to check the Drive BC Website (LINK) and/or BC Ferries Current Conditions (LINK).

Home Teams must not unreasonably decline an inquiry/request to reschedule due to travel concerns.

NOTE: The League will refrain from involvement in decisions regarding field and travel conditions. Teams are to use the guidelines listed above.