Information - Game Reschedules

Updated Oct 31, 2022  

As per email sent out to all Coaches & Managers on October 21st, the following information pertains to game reschedule requests: 

Liaisons have been directed to begin using the following form (fillable pdf) and its instructions, with the hope that it would facilitate and clarify the expectations of the league on game reschedules/postponements, that include submitting rescheduling details in a timely manner and minimizing any confusion due to the high volume and long emails received. 

When a liaison receives a rescheduling request, the following steps will take place: 

  1. Liaison will confirm if teams mutually agree and who is the requesting team
  2. Liaison will email Casey advising game postponement
    Please ensure the email subject line clearly shows something like: Reschedule:  Division, Team Name, and Date of Original Game Schedule
  3. Liaison will send form to the requesting team; requesting team must complete the following listed sections and return to liaison: 
    • YELLOW SECTION (if known/applicable)
  4. Liaison will review and complete the GREEN SECTION – and send back to both teams.
    • Indicating date in which game must be played by, for example:
      Original Schedule: October 1 then must be played by:  October 22
    • Indicating if there are any field rental and referee costs applicable as a result of the reschedule request

**It is important that teams do not include the LIWSA game scheduler (Casey) in ongoing email discussions on the topic of game reschedules – Casey must only be included once the yellow section has been completed.  
Keep in mind that rescheduling/postponement information should be submitted no later than the Sunday evening prior to the original or rescheduled game schedule – this is to ensure game officials can be scheduled or rescheduled for another game – otherwise applicable costs will be invoiced to team(s).

If you have any questions, please contact your liaison.  


LIWSA Game Reschedule online form