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We have several vacant positions:  Vice-President, Communications, Competitions.  If you or anyone you know would be interested, please contact:  For role descriptions, please click/follow the link above:  League Contact Information

Team Officials Handbook - How to Guide
Click here for the handbook. Can also be found under:  Resources>League Documents>How-to & Reference Documents

March 10-12 Weekend
Last weekend of Round Robin Cup Play!

LIWSA Cup Finals
March 26, 2023 | Terry Price, Doug Day, Presidents Cups
April 2, 2023 | Shergold & Leversedge Cups

LIWSA Cup Competitions Information: Click Here

BC Soccer Provincials Information:  Click Here

Provincial Cup Draw | March 11 | Watch Live on BC Soccer's YouTube Channel

Update October 31, 2022
Game Roster Sheets & LIWSA Photo ID Cards
Team officials are responsible for having game roster sheets and player/team official ID cards at each scheduled game.  For accuracy in eligibility of players and team officials, please download no earlier than 2-3 days prior to a scheduled game - ideally 24 hrs in advance.

IMPORTANT:  Photos for player/team official LIWSA ID Cards that do not meet the requirements as listed below, will be deleted.  This will result in any individual not being eligible to play/be in technical are until an appropriate new photo is uploaded.  Uploads will need to be completed by either a coach or manager.  

Game Roster SheetsLIWSA ID Cards
  • All registered players
  • All registered team officials
  • Jersey numbers
1 copy for opposition & 1 copy for Referee
  • Players/team officials must have a photo uploaded
  • Current photo; front facing; shoulder & above
  • No sunglasses or hats
  • No other person in photo
Downloaded from LIWSA site - no handwritten entriesNo grace period - ID cards are required from first scheduled game - no exceptions

Update - Reminders:

  • No Player LIWSA Photo ID? Player is not eligible to play; 
  • No Team Official LIWSA Photo ID? Team Official is not eligible to be in technical area
  • Only registered players & team officials with LIWSA Photo ID cards allowed in the technical area.
  • All team officials must have a CRC submitted (or in progress) and Coaches Conduct signed in order to be allowed in technical area

Update - Game Reschedules: 
Please visit the 'Reschedule Request' page under the Resources Menu.  

Please refer to the Rules & Regulations page for full list of game reschedule regulations.  

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BCSA Adult Provincials Brackets
Posted: 3/22/2023
Draw Results
Zero Tolerance Policy, Conduct, Social Media
Posted: 3/10/2023
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Call for Rule Amendment Proposals
Posted: 3/7/2023
Deadline March 22, 2023

BC Soccer Association

Diversity & Inclusion (click for more info)
BC Soccer seeks to identify, disseminate, and support the education of members, affiliated clubs and soccer leaders on the conditions required to make soccer more equitable, welcoming, safe, and inclusive for everyone.

Females in Soccer (click for more info)
Although the player registration numbers between male and female are almost 50/50, BC Soccer recognizes that women and girls’ are underrepresented in many areas of soccer including as coaches, athletes, leaders, and administrators.We as a collective soccer community all play a role to support increased female participation at all levels