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    Update - November 23, 2020

Summary from BCSA Memo... (full memo CLICK HERE)
As of today, BC Soccer is advising of one change for sanctioned soccer activity in BC which is highlighted in red:
  • The Order is effective until December 7, 2020 at midnight.
  • The Order applies to all regions of the Province.
  • Indoor and Outdoor soccer can occur under the current BC Soccer Phase 2 Guidelines (where soccer has been since the cohort model was introduced) with the following added restrictions:
    • No spectators are permitted.
    • Team travel (and refereeing assignments) must be limited to stay within each city/municipality. In the case where there is a city and municipality or two or more municipalities in the same area, we consider them combined as one (i.e. Township of Langley and City of Langley are considered one). For clarity, this means team travel (and referee assignments) to, from, and between cities/municipalities can not occur. Team location is based on the team's parent club/organization location. The only player exemption is noted on the BC Government website.
Please note that once the final Order is written and available, along with ViaSport’s clarification, we may be forced to adjust further.
LIWSA Update
November 20, 2020

Hi everyone,
Wow, who turned out the lights? There is a lot of uncertainty on to what is allowed or not allowed. At this point we would like all to listen to your club leaders as they are getting information by the minute. If it is a home game you need to follow the guidelines set forth by the club first and foremost. The language on what constitutes a community, or a region was not defined clearly. So, each Municipality is working with your local heath authority and in turn are relaying info to clubs. All games are to have no spectators whatsoever and no team members outside the technical area this needs to be a controlled environment. Please follow all return to play procedures. Stay safe! If you feel uncomfortable playing then do not, the LIWSA will support your decisions. This is a very trying time we all need to pitch in now and beat this pandemic. The LIWSA executive will meet on Wednesday to discuss these very scary situations and how to move forward from here. 

Cornelis (Casey) Tepper 
President LIWSA 

Legal Notices go here.


Provincial Health Authority Announcement
Posted: 11/19/2020
BCSA Nov 19, 2020
BC Soccer - Update
Posted: 11/12/2020
November 10, 2020

ViaSport - Update
Posted: 10/23/2020
Update on Spectators

*New* BC Soccer |  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy (pdf - 2 pages)